Machine Learning AI Crypto Investing

One of the elements at the core of AxionV is Artificial Intelligence and the superior investing opportunities it enables, especially in the crypto world. Since the crypto world is constantly moving 24/7 and has far too much to keep track of for an average human investor, AI investing has a natural edge over the competition, allowing it to consistently achieve outsized returns.

“The AxionV AI tracks trends and analyzes markets constantly, giving it a huge edge over any human trying to do the same thing. This allows for maximum granularity when determining entries and exits, all while executing broad strategies.”
– Peter Borovykh, BlockchainDriven Solutions Architect

AI investing has captured the fascination of finance experts for several years. The appealing idea of machine learning AI analyzing markets and identifying trends 24/7 is only matched by many investors’ reservations about giving control of their money to AI, especially in a market as volatile as the crypto space. However, the benefits of AI trading are numerous.

As humans, we simply cannot apply complex trading strategies, we struggle to identify when to buy and when to sell, and we can only work for part of the day. AI trading solves these issues, as it can process and execute complex trading strategies, be strategic with entry and exit points, and works around the clock.

To acquire some background on why this approach works, we explored the current research on AI in finance. Many believe that AI investing methods only relate to the automation of asset selection. However, the uses of AI goes far beyond that. According to “Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets” by Dunis and Middleton, AI in investing has at least three major use cases all statistically verified by academic research of artificial intelligence algorithms and neural networks:

  • Price prediction
  • Portfolio management
  • Risk management

With the success of the AxionV crypto hedgefund since its launch last September, we’ve decided to expand our services. While our hedgefund will still cater only to serious investors, we’ve seen a growing need for high quality tools the likes of which we ourselves use for our crypto traders and investors of all skill levels.

We have plans to make our machine learning AI available as a SAAS (software as a service) crypto trading tool that is easy to use, adjusts to the market, that minimizes risk while maximizing gains. We’re calling this tool RoninAI. It uses our machine learning AI, though re purposed to give independent investors access to the predictive and analytical capabilities of AI when making decisions on trading and investing in crypto.

The tool is designed for investors and traders of all skill levels, you can find out where you’re at here.

We expect this new product to add value for those trading independently and change the retail investing game entirely. We noticed in Q1 how lacking the current offerings were in trading tools. Many were based on opinion or repurposed stock trading tools, not designed specifically for crypto. Stay tuned to find out more.

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Machine Learning AI Crypto Investing
One of the elements at the core of AxionV is Artificial Intelligence and the superior investing opportunities it enables, especially
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