AxionV FAQ – What You Need to Know


AxionV announced on Wall St in New York

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1. What are the AxionV possibilities? How big is the opportunity? 

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is priced in at around $130 billion, which is already greater than the sizes of many global investment banks and the largest world startups.
Cryptocurrency solutions are on a long journey, and are projected to expand to a market cap of anywhere between $1 and $2 trillion in the next 5 years. Even the most conservative industry forecast predicts the crypto market to multiply 10 times. AxionV is looking to capitalize on and capture that growth for our investors.

2. When can I get AxionV tokens?

AxionV tokens are only available during the ICO, running September 16 through September 30. After the ICO is complete, AxionV tokens will be privately held (generating trading profits), and cannot be bought or sold on exchanges. Therefore, you can only get AxionV tokens during the ICO.


3. How will my investment be allocated?

We run a lean shop, therefore only the necessary amount is allocated to operations, while most is allocated to our cutting edge AI and trading algorithms research. We put our investors first and want to get best ROI on your investment.
The breakdown is as such:
2% = Developers that developed smart contracts and started working on trading / analytics platform.
5% = Operations, legal, management, marketing, trading analytics, AI algorithms, neural network in coordination with the leading academic institutions.
93% = Investor’s investment amount that’s traded by the Axion AI. This will be allocated into many different cryptocurrencies. As the AxionV AI tests different trading strategies, it will implement the strategy that is best suited to the market, and the allocation of funds will shift to different cryptocurrencies to better implement the optimal rotating strategies.


4. Is there dilution?

AxionV’s investors’ profit shares will never get diluted. All investors will be receive the same original profit return percentage on their investment and its growth. Every investor will be entitled to their own designated percentage of market returns directly proportional to the amount of AXION they own.


5.  Who should invest into AxionV?

AxionV is looking for investors who want to take advantage of alternative assets like cryptocurrencies. You might not be professional trader, and even if you are, you can’t be trading consistently during crucial moments in the market. Even 8 hours a day can be hard to do for the most seasoned investors. The AxionV AI solves these issues, as it is able to trade 24/7, applying millions of strategies that are constantly being evolved and tested on your behalf.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volite, with regular shifts of 20-30% on a daily basis, and sometimes much more. When the cryptocurrencies trade up or down, can you reap the rewards and capitalize on those moves? Most people cannot, and that’s why AxionV is solving this problem. Being able to take advantage of the AxionV AI’s trading prowess gives you the ability to capture the highs and exit before the lows, mitigating risk while maximizing return with every trade.

6. How can I buy AXION?

The process of AxionV crypto fund purchase is split into two major parts: buying AV Tokens(during the ICO), followed by the conversion of that AV Token into AXION. The reason for this is to implement additional security measures to protect the investments of our clients. AV Tokens can be bought during the ICO and only AV Token investors can exchange their AV Tokens for AXION in the following months after all the necessary smart contracts and security measures are prepared for the AxionV fund. Investors must go through KYC/AML to be able to qualify for later conversion of AV Token into AXION.

For specific details, read this step-by-step how to guide which details how you can participate in the ICO.

For more information, visit the ICO page or read the AxionV White Paper.

7. What can the token do?

AxionV is a private crypto fund throughout the first few phases. Hence, the exclusivity is needed. AXION represent ownership of the fund’s profits. Every 6 months, investors have a two-week window to exchange AXION for Ether, offering consistent liquidity.


8. What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount depends on the number of investors in the fund. It ranges from $19,000 to $79,000.

Until the $8,000,000 investment mark, the minimum investment amount will be $19,000. From then until the $16,000,000 investment mark, the minimum investment amount will be $39,000. After, the minimum investment amount will be $79,000.

The investment is done on a first come, first serve basis. Which means once the $8,000,000 mark is hit, the minimum investment goes up to $39,000, and it will be $79,000 after the $16,000,000 mark is hit.

9. Why is there a minimum investment amount?

The $19,000 amount was arrived at in order to keep our investors in KYC suitability compliance. Our research came to the conclusion that this is approximately the amount that the worldwide average accredited investor could contribute to one fund. We believe we can bring more value to our investors if the fund is transparent and legally compliant, allowing for future growth of the fund without regulational delays.

10. How does AxionV generate revenue for its investors?

AxionV implements a wide array of sophisticated trading and investment strategies with proven success in traditional financial markets, in order to mitigate risk, capture breakout growth, and consistently outperform the already aggressively growing crypto market by exploiting hidden market patterns, market inefficiencies, and a variety of arbitrage opportunities. The AxionV AI is constantly analyzing the market to choose the best trading strategy for the climate.

Read the AxionV White Paper for more information.

11. What trading strategies does the AxionV AI use?

A team of Quants led by blockchain and finance expert Peter Borovykh is constantly working on making the AxionV AI deliver the best return on investment. Peter is teaching a full-day cryptocurrency trading course at the premier Boston blockchain conference this September 14. Trading Cryptocurrencies – Trading Strategies, Planning and Opportunities in Crypto Space

The AxionV AI will identify the most suitable investment strategies for any given market condition to ensure abnormal returns at optimal levels of risk, thus maximizing Sharpe ratio and minimizing draw downs, and benefiting our investors with returns that will beat the crypto market performance with ever evolving AI trading strategies from leading experts in this space.

AxionV combines advanced machine learning techniques with financial and technological expertise to generate outsized returns on very volatile and profit-rich cryptocurrency markets. Certain price patterns are nonrandom and will lead to a predictive effect. AxionV’s designed and employed artificial intelligence mechanisms present sophisticated trading models able to continuously learn and improve, identifying existing and upcoming profitable patterns and market arbitrage opportunities.
The AI combines advanced machine learning techniques with financial and technological expertise to generate absolute return investment strategies on very volatile and profit-rich cryptocurrency markets. Certain price patterns are nonrandom and will lead to a predictive effect. Our designed and employed artificial intelligence mechanisms present sophisticated trading models able to continuously learn and improve, identifying existing and upcoming profitable patterns and market arbitrage opportunities.

AI can add a valuable edge related not only to a probabilistic price prediction, but also to portfolio allocation and risk management.

Let’s assume that analysis came down to investing into two securities only: BTC and ETH. How much capital should be allocated between them? Does it matter if a portfolio is more weighted towards BTC or ETH? What is the optimal frequency of portfolio rebalancing? AI algorithms can analyze 10,000 different scenarios with ranging allocations of crypto assets and conclude the most optimal portfolio structure from both profit and risk perspective.

In case of momentum investing strategies analyzed for BTC and ETH, for example, the analysis clearly indicates benefits of more diversified portfolios without much dependency on the rebalancing frequency. Even such an important conclusion is just a tiny little piece of the analysis scope that could be generated by a sophisticated artificial neural network focused on optimizing trading performance.

You can read our White Paper for more details about the trading methods the AxionV AI will employ.

12. When will AxionV start trading?

AxionV will begin trading late 2017-early 2018.

13. What are the performance fees?

In case of potential downsides and negative performance for a 6-month performance, AxionV will not get compensated with any performance fees. 

Performance fees will be distributed to both the management team and the investors every six months, with investors receiving fifty five percent of the profits. AxionV charges a small portion on the management fee (5% + 2% for developers), and only relies on the profits generated from positive returns.

14. How can I take out my profits?

AxionV clients will be able to redeem their portion of capital or invest additional capital every six months during a two-week window. The AxionV team will provide clients with the necessary tools to track their investment on a daily basis, and an announcement will be made for AxionV’s clients in advance regarding each upcoming two-week window.

15. How can I keep track of the fund?

We will add the ability to track investments and the performance of your portfolio on Blockchain in late 2017/early 2018, with investors being able to track the fund’s performance. A Chrome extension is also in development, which will enable AxionV’s users to track the progress of the fund seamlessly.

16. When does the ICO start?

The AxionV ICO will start on September 16, 2017 at 15:00:00 UTC. For further details, visit

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