New Trading Tool For Independent Investors and Traders: RoninAi

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We’ve been flooded with people asking if they should invest in crypto, and which ones. AxionV doesn’t cater to the retail crypto investor, which is why we are launching a new AI machine learning technology to fill that gap (and save our team from constant questions).

Ronin, a samurai with no master, describes this new tool perfectly. RoninAi is not an ICO, it’s a saas tool that users can access through the site or app, coming soon. Unlike a crypto hedge fund, it will not invest for you. Users are in full control of their trades and investments, and can even ignore what Ronin is saying (although I certainly wouldn’t recommend it). There’s a lot of information about it on the RoninAi site, so we’ll focus more on who this tool is for.

Crypto Trading Tools: RoninAi vs. TradingView

RoninAi started when our team recognized that the emails we were getting all had a lot in common. Those writing the emails were undoubtedly on the right track to becoming successful crypto investors. They sounded well-read and disciplined, and they were making a conscious effort to try to utilize external tools to achieve better returns. Unfortunately, the questions we received were generally born out of confusion and a lack of clear guidance for retail crypto investors of all sizes, and we found there really wasn’t a good tool specifically for crypto trading and investing.


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Many of the tools out there are based on the opinions of people, and regardless of expertise, people cannot analyze the market 24/7 and are prone to errors. Similarly, the “AI” tools out there are based on bots just repeating information, based on static algorithms that don’t adjust to the market, or worse, are based on stock trading methods. The crypto trading tools out there bear one shocking resemblance to the actual crypto world: the space is so crowded that it’s incredibly hard to tell which tools if any would bring success.

It really is no wonder that our inboxes were getting out of control.

Our AI operates on machine learning, a blackbox with set input and output. RoninAI is its own product, with different input, different output, and for a different purpose.


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It will show you the best times to buy and sell a currency, the choice to do so is up to the user, and which signals they want to base that off of is also up to the user. It’s still wise to imporve your sense of the crypto market and understand it, so if you’re not sure where your skill level is at, take a look at this guide to improving that skill.

Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Guide

Part of the AxionV team, including Head of Algorithmic Trading Peter Borovykh, is heading up the RoninAi project, so you’ll certainly recognize some of the faces when you head over to, along with a bunch of new, exciting, and experienced team members.

Just take it from Yahoo Finance, RoninAi is an exciting tool that is a no-brainer for retail investors:

“Had a peak under the hood and the RoninAi tool is more promising than anything we’ve seen. The fact that it’s a SAAS product only makes us feel more assured of the quality and benefit of the final product. This is a must for all crypto investors.” – Yahoo Finance



On, you’ll find more detailed information about the product. You’ll also find a tool that can show you what your investing would have looked like if you had RoninAi when you put in money. For example, using RoninAi, if you had invested $1,000 USD exactly 1 year ago, RoninAi would have given you a staggering return of $13,256 USD. Those types of returns are what happens when a powerful tool is combined with a volatile market to maximize profits and minimize risk.

So if you are a retail investor that is feeling a little lost in this crazy crypto world, which we definitely know some of you are, check out RoninAi and get in on the Pre-Launch Sale. We strongly believe that this tool will change how retail investors interact with the market, and those that get in early will have access to the outsized profits before everyone else, giving them a huge leg up.