The AxionV Team

Morgan Hill, Managing Partner and Head of Operations
Peter Borovykh, Head of Algorithmic Trading Strategies


Marco Pereira, Head of Quantitative and AI Strategy
Jingyuan Luo, Senior Quantitative Trading Analyst



Valerie Stevens, CCO
Alexander Kashpar, CTO



Betty Yusupov, US  Legal Council
Max Vasiliev, Lead Software Architect



Marcus Chin, Head of AxionV Singapore Operations
Nick Walker, Blockchain and AI Specialist



Matsvei Arshinskiy, Full Stack Developer
Ivan Aksyonov, Solidity Developer & Blockchain Advisor



Jake Gaynor, Cryptocurrency Analyst —-
Kyoung Kim, AxionV Ambassador to South Korea



Yan Zhu, AxionV Ambassador to China














































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Join us at Peter Borovykh’s Book Release “Blockchain Applications in Finance” taking place in New York this September 6th , read our FAQ  and/or how to participate in ICO for any specific questions related to the ICO.

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