Peter Borovykh Joins as Partner at AxionV

From left to right: Anish Mohammed, Joseph Lubin, Peter Borovykh, Thomas France and Gealen Moore

We’re very pleased to share an exciting piece of AxionV news! Peter Borovykh just announced at New York FinTech Week that he is joining AxionV – Agile AI Cryptocurrency Fund as a core team member and partner. The panel where this was announced, titled Blockchain 2020, featured a group of Blockchain experts that gave their views on the current Blockchain landscape, as well as their predictions for Blockchain’s exciting future. The panel was covered by – Leading New York Tech Publication and has a detailed write up of what was covered on the panel here.

The panel included Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, AxionV’s own Peter Borovykh, a Blockchain Solutions Architect at BlockchainDriven, Anish Mohammed, Chief Science Officer at Blockchainsmokers, Thomas France, co-founder of Ledger and La Maison du Bitcoin, and was moderated by Galen Moore, co-founder of Token Report.

From Right to Left: Joseph Lubin, Peter Borovykh, Thomas France

Joseph Lubin co-founded Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency on the market, as well as ConsenSys, a venture production studio that builds decentralized applications, as well as tools for developers and end-users, all on Blockchain. In the past several years, Joseph has cemented himself as a leading name and face in the greater Blockchain community.

Peter Borovykh made his name in finance and later became fascinated with the digital applications of Blockchain in his field. He is a quant who has created his own groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategies based on quantifying the market and leveraging the emotion of market participants. He is the author of the upcoming book, “Blockchain Applications in Finance”. Peter is a renowned speaker on Blockchain and its future possibilities, has been covered in major publications, and has been invited to speak at Blockchain conferences across the United States. He is a Solutions Architect at BlockchainDriven, one of the premier Blockchain consultancy firms on the east coast of the United States.

From Right to Left: Joseph Lubin, Peter Borovykh, Thomas France

More recently, Peter was one of the first Blockchain experts to call the massive Bitcoin split that will have large ramifications on cryptocurrencies as a whole for years to come. His expertise on the matter was featured in various large publications such as Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Forbes. He was brought into the Blockchain Technology Conference & Workshop 2017 to be a keynote speaker, as well as the instructor of a 1 day intensive, designed to give attendees the opportunity to learn from one of the foremost Blockchain experts.

Anish Mohammed is the Chief Science Officer at Blockchainsmokers, a venture building company that provides funds, business strategy, and expertise to early and mid stage startups looking to take advantage of all that Blockchain can offer them. Venture builders like Blockchainsmokers are becoming more and more important as Blockchain becomes a core part of the startup world.

Thomas France is the co-founder of Ledger and La Maison du Bitcoin. Ledger is a multi-currency hardware wallet which features the ability to validate payments, and is built around protecting cryptocurrencies. La Maison du Bitcoin is a company founded in Paris, France, dedicated to the buying and selling of the two major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

An impressive crowd was on hand to learn all about the future of this incredibly exciting technology from some of the world’s foremost experts. While they come from different parts of the Blockchain world, the panelists all agreed that security needs to be a crucial aspect of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies going forward. They also believe that cryptocurrency investing is an incredibly disruptive force, and is often a superior option to traditional stock investing. The development of future Blockchain products is critical to the future of the technology, and the panelists agreed that developers are at a premium.

It was during this panel that Peter announced his step up within AxionV. He believes that cryptocurrency investment is the most advantageous path for investing going forward.

After the panel, there were networking opportunities aplenty, with great connections within the Blockchain ecosystem in New York City formed.

Peter was previously a senior advisor, but wanted to commit himself more to AxionV, and has now taken up a much larger role within the project. He has established himself as one of Blockchain’s premier experts and thinkers, has spoken at numerous conferences, and has become a go-to source for premier Blockchain publications. We’re delighted to have him contributing more to AxionV.

From left to right: Anish Mohammed, Joseph Lubin, Peter Borovykh, Thomas France

Peter shared his thoughts on taking up a bigger role in AxionV.

“I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative Blockchain ventures, but none of them excited me as much as AxionV. Crypto investing is a space that I’ve been living and breathing. It’s the future. AxionV’s vision was one that I could see becoming the gold standard of crypto investing. I worked closely with the team as a Senior Advisor for several months, and the rapid growth of the crypto world made it apparent that AxionV’s position would cause it to capture that growth. As an Advisor, I have watched the venture grow and develop, and I knew it was a smart decision for me to get more involved. Thanks to the AxionV team for letting me take up a bigger role in this groundbreaking project.”

For more information, visit the ICO page or read the AxionV White Paper.

He is now AxionV’s Head of Algorithmic Trading Strategies, which puts him in a position to apply his expertise to AxionV. All of us are excited to get to work with Peter in his heightened role, and are greatly anticipating our ICO which begins on September 16, and the implementation of the advanced trading strategies to follow.


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