Peter Borovykh Releases His Book, “Blockchain Applications in Finance” on September 6

Our Head of Algorithmic Trading Strategy, Peter Borovykh, is gearing up for the release party of his much anticipated book, “Blockchain Applications in Finance.” The release party is being held at eBay’s NYC office on September 6 from 6:30-9:00PM EDT. A variety of Blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency topics will be discussed by the speakers assembled. You can grab your ticket to the event here.

From left to right: Galen Moore, Joseph Lubin, Peter Borovykh, Anish Mohammed, and Thomas France

Peter Borovykh, Blockchain Solutions Architect at BlockchainDriven and Head of Algorithmic Trading Strategies at AxionV, made his name in finance and later became fascinated with the digital applications of Blockchain in his field. He is a quant who has created his own groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategies based on quantifying the market and leveraging the emotion of market participants. Peter is a renowned speaker on Blockchain and its future possibilities, has been covered in major publications, and has been invited to speak at Blockchain conferences across the United States. More recently, Peter was one of the first Blockchain experts to call the massive Bitcoin split that will have large ramifications on cryptocurrencies as a whole for years to come. His expertise on the matter was featured in various large publications such as Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Forbes. He was brought into the Blockchain Technology Conference & Workshop 2017 to be a keynote speaker, as well as the instructor of a 1 day intensive, designed to give attendees the opportunity to learn from one of the foremost Blockchain experts.

He will discuss the current state of Blockchain technology as it applies to the financial sector, as well as give a look into his book and answer any questions pertaining to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crypto investing, and much more.

Peter isn’t the only speaker at the event. Joining him are two prominent figures in the NYC Blockchain community:

Elaine Li is a Founding Partner at Zonvon Ventures. Her background in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies started from her highly cited presentations of Crowdfunding in Chinese. Her contribution as chapter editor-in-chief of Wisdom Crowdfunding book, which was oversubscribed in the crowdfunding stage, and ZonvonVentures’ investments in Blockchain startups has made Elaine a noted voice in the Blockchain community. She has worked for Morgan Stanley Investment Management, AllianceBernstein, the investment division of The Ford Foundation, and the asset allocation division of Prudential Financial. Elaine has done research on Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and NEC China. She has been invited as final judge of premiere startup competitions by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Tencent, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, etc.

She will speak on the state of Blockchain startups, as well as the cryptocurrency market and how Artificial Intelligence is poised to revolutionize and optimize cryptocurrency trading.

Gregory Rocco is Editor in Chief at investFeed, a post-ICO startup that puts social media on the Blockchain. During their ICO, investFeed raised over five million dollars, helping them on their way to becoming the central source of the Blockchain community. Gregory has a history of many years in the media and has recently shifted gears, becoming a big player in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain space.

He will talk about the rise of social investing, the scattered nature of the crypto-community, and how investFeed seeks to create a dedicated network for enthusiasts, projects, and professionals globally in the blockchain space.

If you are in New York City on September 8, this is a must-see event that will provide unparalleled information with a great panel of speakers. Grab a ticket here.

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