Peter Borovykh Speaks at NameSummit Digital Conference in New York

At the premier of the NameSummit Conference in New York City, a panel of Blockchain experts debated and discussed the technology’s promising future. The cryptocurrency market is booming, and it’s rare that such an experienced panel of Blockchain experts get to speak to each other and the greater Blockchain community.

The panel included Peter Borovykh, a Blockchain Solutions Architect at BlockchainDriven, AxionV advisor, and experienced Blockchain visionary. He regularly speaks at conferences and panels discussing Blockchain, and was one of the first cryptocurrency experts to report on and analyze the massive Bitcoin split. He is a go-to voice of the Blockchain community, and his upcoming book, “Blockchain Applications in Finance” promises to be an important source of knowledge for Blockchain amateurs and professionals alike for years to come.

Left to right: Peter Borovykh, Harish Thimmappa, Alex Mashinsky, Rob Monster.

The next panelist was Harish Thimmappa, SVP of Revenue at Wolk, a revolutionary advertising data exchange run on Blockchain. Wolk connects data from clients and suppliers to streamline and optimize advertising.

Next was Alex Mashinsky, a noted entrepreneur who founded some of New York’s most successful companies, and is currently working on Celsius EBP, which is a crypto exchange like no other. Celsius EBP strives to solve the scale, speed, and cost elements of blockchain and smart contracts so the technology can be applied to every aspect of the world economy. As an experienced entrepreneur, he brought unique business insights to the panel

Lastly was Rob Monster, CEO of, which uses the trust and security of Smart Contracts to solidify and advance the Sharing Economy we have entered. He is also the CEO of, a unique domain registrar that offers premium domains at the best prices and various tools to help design and maintain your website.

The panel discussed Blockchain’s direction and its impact on how many fields will operate in the very near future. As a finance expert, Borovykh educated the audience on the current problems with the investment industry, and how Blockchain can revolutionize the way we invest our money. He also spoke on cryptocurrencies, which he believes are a great opportunity to achieve outsized returns. However, maximizing investments in this space is no easy task, and Borovykh called on those eager to invest in the space to find a tool that could properly analyze the wild swings of the cryptocurrency market to mitigate the inherent risk of investing in this space.

blockchain cryptocurrency ico

The panel also dove into Blockchain’s effects on their specific industries, and how the technology opens up opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves from their slower and less technologically advanced competitors. The one thing that all panelists could agree on was that Blockchain has incredible potential, and those that use and invest in the technology will be greatly rewarded.

As one of the hottest (and somewhat secretive) technological spaces, Blockchain experts are hard to come by, let alone such a high quality of innovators and visionaries in the field all congregating to take part in one panel. Blockchain’s inevitable spread and advancement over the next few years is currently being shaped by visionaries like these.

For more information, visit the ICO page or read the AxionV White Paper.

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