AxionV Unveiled in New York City at Breakout Blockchain Event

There’s been tremendous interest in Blockchain events as of late, especially as the number of experts on the subject are so few. The truly inspiring events are those that manage to gather the cream of the crop, experts who are not just masters of their field, but are able to impart their insights.

That’s exactly what happened at the event Move to the Future: Mid-Sized Companies on Blockchain.

The event was held on Thursday, July 27th, in the heart of New York City’s Financial District with appearances and interest from major business names, including Fortune 500 companies. It was a networking experience that was not to be missed. Attending the event were representatives from IBM, Google, Bloomberg LP, Goldman Sachs, ConsenSys, CitiGroup, Wells Fargo, IDEO, Columbia Business School, McKinse, Ernst and Young, EY, Twitter, PwC, R3, Veritaseum, Thomson Reuters, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Kate Spade & Co and Tata Consultancy.

“The event was covered by many influential news outlets, including Fortune, who were very excited about the announcement of AxionV.”
BTC Manager

Other media on the list included Chinese publication TenCent, BTC Manager, and Business Insider.

Watch the  announcement bellow:


The event’s panel included the IT Application Security Manager at L’Oreal, focused on reinventing the supply chain management process using Blockchain technology, the Vice President of Japan’s largest bank, MUFG Union Bank, who is currently exploring and potentially utilizing Blockchain technology as a cross-border payment platform, an expert on Blockchain cyber security, and a Blockchain tech innovator who announced the exciting new ICO, AxionV, which has been in development since early 2016 and has officially come out of stealth.

“At a panel discussion on Thursday night, Morgan Hill announced that he was launching a new cryptocurrency hedge fund called AxionV.”
– Fortune

Here’s a summary of each panelist and what they covered:

Nataliya Stanetsky

She works closely with application development teams at L’Oreal to provide guidance and security expertise on defining and implementing system controls such as encryption, authentication, security-specific code, and governance.

Nataliya brought her experience working with large companies to add great insight to the discussion, particularly of note was how entry into global markets have decreased, forcing small and midsized companies to rethink their strategies for expansion. She made it clear that Blockchain is not only a definite solution to this issue, but a way for companies to be competitive on a level that matches large corporations like L’Oreal. Innovation is key.

Blockchain allows for globalization at a reduced cost and has many applications; the ones L’Oreal in particular are looking into are transactions and supply chain, not only to reduce costs, but to provide trust and transparency when it comes to the ingredients used in their products as well as improving speed and efficiency.

She pointed out that large and midsized companies have a chance to be major innovators in this space as they have the funds, resources, and easier access to the limited number of Blockchain developers.

Momoe Amano

Momoe is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at MUFG Union Bank, one of the world’s leading financial groups spanning 55 countries with total assets of approximately $2.6 trillion (USD)1 as of December 31, 2016. She is leading a team to assess new and emerging technologies to identify potential use cases and to coordinate proof of concept on blockchain.

She gave her view on blockchain from a banking and finance perspective, explaining why all banks should be looking into the technology to improve financial systems. Blockchain is both an opportunity to make these upgrades as well as a necessity, which will not only better how banking is done, but also save banks money as well.

She emphasized that the new technology can allow smaller banks to globalize, allowing for cross border payments and transactions in addition to making collaboration more feasible. All banks should be developing a POC, or proof of concept. Momoe noted that many of the largest banks in the US are already moving full speed ahead with blockchain technology, though mid sized companies have the advantage of observing, and then implementing the tech faster while still having the funds to do so unlike smaller companies.

Vitaly Dubinsky

As a blockchain cyber security expert Vitaly has advised finance clients, healthcare, and law practices on Innovation, Security and Compliance in the face of the ever-changing cybersecurity and regulatory landscapes. He currently works with BlockchainDriven, the leading blockchain consultancy on the East Coast.

Vitaly gave a unique perspective on why blockchain has taken off so rapidly. In addition to opportunities in cost reduction, increased efficiency, security, transparency and industry disruption, blockchain technology allows people to protect themselves, their information, identities and assets unlike ever before. We’ve already made a major push into the digital age, but with blockchain we can really push the envelope.

The only limits to this technology will be how various countries choose to regulate the tech and cryptocurrencies. It remains to be seen which countries will emerge as innovators, and which will play the biggest roles as disruptors. We can also expect to see early adopters of blockchain expand and globalize rapidly.

Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill brought his years of Blockchain experience to the table, discussing the risk and volatility of cryptocurrency investing. He believes that gaining outsized returns is very possible in the cryptocurrency market if one has the right tools at their disposal. He is very optimistic about the space, urging attendees to invest while the space is still new and developing. All of Blockchain’s qualities make it a technology that Morgan believes is a great investment space. It is concise, directed, verifiable, and quality-driven, all factors Morgan believes gives it value.

The volatility, he believes, shows the space’s passion and breadth of possibilities. This is why so many non-crypto investors want to get their foot in the door as soon as possible, but are very afraid of the market’s volatility, or even a “bubble burst.”

Morgan believes strongly that Bitcoin is an outlier in the cryptocurrency world. While Bitcoin is frequently used for illegal exchanges, other cryptocurrencies are not, and are instead open and verifiable, making them a great investment opportunity now and a viable real-life currency later.

Lastly, he discussed why cryptocurrency trading is so hot, but also why it’s such a gamble. In conclusion, he showed that this type of investment needs machine learning to better parse and analyze information and trends. This is when he announced AxionV, a crypto hedge fund that promises to be a groundbreaking way for investors to see outsized returns. Using algorithms that only an AI can achieve, AxionV promises to be smarter and faster than every human investor.

“AxionV is certainly an ICO to look out for in September and an investment fund to keep an eye on in the years to come as the crypto space continues to grow and develop. Participation will be limited initially, but will expand as the fund grows. This makes it a unique and exclusive opportunity for investors both with experience in the space and without.”
BTC Manager

The event and its panelist offered fantastic insights into blockchain, how midsized companies can take advantage of it, and what we can expect going into the future. The networking opportunities both before and after were incredible as well, with a special guest appearance by Peter Borovykh, who promised all attendees a copy of his book “Blockchain Applications in Finance”.

Afterwards, participants of the event were able to glean more information about AxionV, which presents incredible and exclusive investment possibilities.

“AxionV’s investment model is supported by financial research, and experts in the field have verified and backed it. We estimate that the digital currency market will reach one trillion dollars by 2020, so now is the time to move quickly. This is a very complex field that is mostly inaccessible to tap into for non-digital investors, and AxionV can bridge it. There are an abundance of opportunities and AxionV will lead the way.”
– Morgan Hill

“Unlike the crypto hedge fund startup MetaStable, which recently received funding from Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners, AxionV has a different plan.
Yahoo Finance

For more information, visit the ICO page or read the AxionV White Paper.

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